(This demo asset, as well as the audio demos below only play the first variation of each style.)

Here is a pack I made of 3,584 interface sounds I've created to help game designers who have no time or budget for audio production. When creating these sounds, I had PSX-era RPG's in mind but I'm sure it'll work for many other games. They kinda have an upbeat feel to most of them so it won't work for your average Slender clone but see what you can do with them.

This pack contains Confirm Tones (going forward in a menu), Back Tones (going back in a menu), Cursor Tones, Error Tones (when an action cannot be completed, like clicking on a grayed out "Load Game" when no saves are present), Mouse-click Tones, and Menu Tones (for opening or closing menus).

There are 32 different styles. All tones have 16 variations per style.

The pack comes in two flavors: WAV and OGG, the WAV split into two separate ZIP files.. The examples down below only show the first variation of each style.

These are CC 4.0 licensed.


Confirm Tones:

Back Tones:

Error Tones:

Cursor Tones:

Mouse Tones:

Menu Up Tones:

Menu Down Tones:



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inteface_sfx_pack_3_ogg.zip 122 MB
inteface_sfx_pack_3_wav_part_1.zip 608 MB
inteface_sfx_pack_3_wav_part_2.zip 717 MB

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Nice SFX! Just bought the pack!

Im trying to find the confirm sound in your demo on your page at exactly 7 seconds which file is that one in?

Sounds like style_08_confirm_01.ogg! The demos should all be in order of style, all in variation 1.

Thats the one thank you!